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Waste heat is a perfect eco-friendly source of energy as it greatly reduces the impact of human activity on the environment.

All internal combustion engines generate substantial waste heat which may reach as much as 70 % of all generated energy. Facilities powered by gensets may well recover this waste heat through our KITCOG system and turn it into free of charge hot domestic water and residential heating due to its high temperature. Learn the specific power ranges and features of our KITCOG system here.

There is also plenty of waste heat in industrial facilities such as metal foundries, cement factories, glass melting furnaces, flue gasses, etc. This waste heat, once recovered can be delivered back to the facility for example as heating and cooling, so no additional electricity will be needed for that purpose. Depending on the particular environment, it may be used even for generation of electricity.

If you are involved in such industries, contact us for our special projects division.