The following types of buildings have long operating hours and consume large amounts of electrical energy for lighting, heating, air conditioning and all the electrical equipment needed for their services.

They can be the perfect match for our trigeneration system REC+ which can produce heating, cooling and electricity at the same time using natural gas or diesel fuel. We produce other types of systems which may also be suitable depending on the specific environment.


In the service sector, we cover the energy needs of the following types of buildings and facilities:

Hotels, swimming pools, spa centers (Hy-RECREC+OASIS)

Airports, shopping malls, office buildings, government facilities (Hy-REC, REC+, OASIS)

Hospitals, schools, universities, (Hy-REC, REC+, OASIS)

Public park conservation offices (Biomax)

Data centers (Free Cooling Chiller Plant, Hy-REC, REC+)