Renewable sources of energy can come from a variety of places. Our solar energy solution delivers cooling energy (air-conditioning) and hot domestic water for the hot climate zones with many hours of solar radiation. It is based on solar thermal panels and an absorption chiller. Learn more about our OASIS system here.


Waste green biomass from public park pruning and landscaping or residues from the wood-processing industries (bark, woodchips, saw milling residues, waste wood) are also a good source of renewable energy. They can be used to generate electricity, heating and cooling through our BIOMAX-ST system.

Other types of waste biomass, when properly combined, can be transformed into biogas and biomethane through our BIOMAX-BG system and deliver useful electric, heating and cooling energy. These are residues and by-products from animal farms (manure, dairy farms, slaughterhouses), plant farming residues such as straw, cereal husks, sunflower stems, etc. There are suitable residues also from related industries such as bagasse, brewery waste, rapeseed plants or other energy crops after processing for biodiesel, etc.

Other industrial and urban waste (waste waters from tanneries, etc.) can also become a high value primary source of energy for biogas production.