Hy-REC™ is a top efficient hybrid system which can provide the heating and air conditioning of large spaces such as hotels, residential condominiums, shopping malls, etc., and can also ensure the heating, cooling or steam needed for the production process of industries.

It is a very powerful and cost effective system with long useful life which can reach more than 15 years. It is characterized by low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions level. No electricity is needed for the system's operation, as it runs directly on fuel such as natural gas. For buildings without a gas pipeline connection, the system can be designed to operate on compressed natural gas, diesel or other fuels.

The hot water and chilled water temperatures of the system range from +50°C up to +85°C, depending on models, for the heating part, and from -10°C to +15°C, depending on models, for the cooling part. 

Thermal and cooling energy production takes place in a very flexible way, ensuring ease of operation and lower energy consumption compared to other machines in the market that provide the same kind of services.

Hy-REC™ can reach a COP/GUE efficiency up to 220%, ensuring energy savings and financial savings and providing high flexibility when producing cooling and heating energy.

It can be installed both indoors and outdoors with customized design that fits best in its environment.

The system goes with full service maintenance and remote monitoring and control by the expert technical team of Termogamma Energy Solutions.

hyrec indoor

Indoor installation version of HyREC