rec+ schema

REC+® principal features:

  • REC+® is a cogeneration(CHP) system that simultaneously produces both electricity and hot water (90°C) and/or steam (FREE WASTE HEAT)
  • It can be combined with absorption systems in order to produce also free chilled water (7°C) and become trigeneration (CCHP) plants
  • Increases energy efficiency: it reduces fuel consumption for heat and power production by 30% to 50% when compared to centralized power plants
  • It can run on natural gas, cng, lng, lpg and diesel
  • Reduces greenhouse gases emissions (CO2) thanks to its small environmental footprint
  • Increases quality and security of power supply
  • Produces financial savings in utility bills
  • Easy to install(Plug&Play) and ready for Remote monitoring
  • Full service maintenance with warranty extension
  • Long life cycle and fast payback