Example of an outdoor connection of KitCog to a genset

KitCog Connection
  • The Kit COGTM system is a Waste Heat Recovery system designed to be perfectly integrated with an already existing GenSet. All equipment needed for heat recovery is already installed and connected inside the container (in its Outdoor version) or into a solid skid (in its Indoor version).
  • Electricity is nowadays generated through locally installed fuel driven GenSets in many parts of the world, allowing industrial, commercial, hotel and many other activities to keep running. However, the efficiency of GenSets is limited (from 30% to 43%, depending on the GenSet size), wasting almost 65% of the applied fuel energy via the engine’s jacket water and exhaust.
  • Kit COGTM system makes it possible to recover this wasted energy and deliver it to the user as hot water (up to 90°C) and/or as steam (up to 8 bar of pressure), without increasing fuel consumption of the GenSet
  • As long as the generator produces electricity, completely free thermal energy will be obtained.
  • As a result, the global efficiency of the GenSet will increase and the fuel used for hot water boilers or steam boilers will decrease.
  • Termogamma has carefully designed a Control and Monitoring System for Kit COGTM that guarantees the engine cooling needs, avoiding thus any kind of operational problem.
  • Kit COGTM system is an environmentally friendly system that helps to reduce both energy bills and CO2 emissions
KitCog Genset Scheme
KitCog Genset Scheme
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