Whether you manage a shopping mall, an airport, a factory or a hospital, you will definitely need to plan your supply of heating energy.

Termogamma’s systems which can provide heating energy for such buildings at a highly efficient rate are HY-REC, REC+ and KITCOG. The choice between them depends on whether you have available or you can easily obtain natural gas, LPG or diesel, which may fuel HY-REC and REC+, or you have an existing genset which provides your electricity and you can recover its waste heat as useful heating energy through KITCOG. If you want to generate your own electricity and heating and cooling energy with just one system, than your choice could go to REC+. If you want to keep using electricity from the grid, but want to use just one eco-friendly system for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, than HY-REC is your choice.

Expanded list of buildings which can benefit from these systems: kindergartens, schools, universities, elderly homes, hospitals, administrative and office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, spa centers

Contact us for evaluation of the feasibility of such a system for your project and join the environmental effort of a growing number of companies worldwide