Free Cooling Chiller Plant (FCCPTM ) is an industrial cooling energy system whose efficiency rate is several times higher compared to other technologies on the market.

fcco graph

The system can be fulfilled in two versions depending on the availability of water:

with a cooling tower and with dry coolers.

Industries which need cooling energy all year round can realize significant energy and financial savings thanks to this system. Such industries are plastic, pharmaceutical, rubber, paper and others.

Free Cooling Chiller Plant is suitable for cold climates where 5 or 6 months in the winter have relatively low temperatures. During that time the smart system switches off the electricity consumption and operates on free cooling mode.

As all systems of Termogamma Energy Solutions, it is delivered to its end user site in a compact prefabricated container ready to use. Our expert maintenance team monitors it remotely on a daily basis and ensures its maximum efficiency of operation.

Free cooling chiller plant schema

A modular system including a Free Cooling Chiller Plant installed in a biomedical factory

FCCP in a modular installation