Electricity: 100 kW

Heating: 138 kW


Interview with Mr. Mauro De Nardi, one of the directors of Devero Hotel and co-founder of Devero Costruzioni,

taken by Termogamma Energy Solutions

Could you, please present yourself and your role in the company, and the company’s activity?

My name is Mauro De Nardi, and I am one of the directors of Devero Hotel. Our group’s main activity is construction.

What does energy efficiency mean to your company and how important is it in your sector?

This is a sector where energy plays an essential role. With the advent of energy classes and the continuous renewal of technologies, I could say it is one of the key elements that make a difference in our facilities.

When did you first start thinking about improving the energy profile of your business? What made you start thinking about this?

The hotel’s annual electricity needs are around 1.5 million kW. They are very high because of the spacious common areas and large number of rooms, increased further by the induction cookers in the kitchens of our restaurants. Four years ago we started comparing different options to improve our energy efficiency. We chose cogeneration and in one year’s time an ad hoc system was designed and sized specially for us. I consider this a crucial factor in this type of technology, i.e. the cogeneration system must be adjusted to fit the exact needs of the facility, not a kilowatt more, not a kilowatt less. Today I can say that we have found its right size for us. Thanks to the combined experience of Termogamma and of our technicians, we could reach the final decision.

What were your main concerns, doubts, etc. in the decision-making stage?

My concern was that the system would be installed near a residential building and that it could have a negative impact. However, we have not had any such problems after the installation. The system was inserted in a soundproof box, thus achieving a good tolerance level.

Was the installation and commissioning smooth and quick? Did it cause you any problem?

The installation was very fast. All the on-site preparatory works were finished when the prefabricated system arrived, so it was then installed in the place indicated in the designs. I would say that it was not difficult at all.

How about the maintenance and service of this system? Is it also done by Termogamma?

Maintenance is a very important aspect of this type of technology. Based on our two years of experience with Termogamma, we can say that we are satisfied.

When did you start feeling the real change in your energy costs?

The results were felt one year after the start and that motivated us to start working with them on another cogeneration plant for a residential project, which is already in a test phase.

Why would you recommend Termogamma to other companies?

I have found real professionals. I recommend them also with regard to their management performance because they are fast and efficient.

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