CTP™ (Containerized Technological Plant) is a containerized modular system which can fulfill a wide range of purposes.


On the outside, it is a special box designed for outdoor installation with maximum quality and resistance against environment conditions. On the inside it is a fully integrated boiler room, chiller room, transformer room, water pumping or even a fire control station.

Each CTPTM system is customized for its specific end user. All required accessories and components of the system are designed, installed and interconnected inside the box, and are fully tested in our factories. This allows us to deliver the system ready to use and save our client time for connection, as only the final connections between the system and the building are needed.

Normally no specific construction permit is required for their installation and they can serve any kind of building which needs heating, cooling, electricity, pumping stations, or other equipment. Among these are hospitals, construction sites, greenhouses, schools, public buildings, and many others. The CTPTM solution saves indoor space and can be installed anywhere, even on the roof of a building.

CTPTM systems can be accompanied by a Remote Control and Monitoring System that guarantees total and continuous control of operation. They are fully certified and supplied with complete user manuals. Our technicians perform functional tests on every component and connection. Each system comes with all safety devices installed in order to be compliant with all existing regulations.