Several of our systems can provide cooling energy in a highly-efficient mode.

Whether you are in a hot or cold climate, in a residential or industrial environment, we may have the right system for you.

Hot climates can benefit from renewable source cooling energy through our OASIS system. Further to cooling, it can ensure also the hot domestic water for hotels and other buildings where such is needed. Learn more details about our OASIS system.

If you have a production process which requires cooling all over the year (e.g. pharmaceutical, plastic, or even data centers) and you are in a cold or moderate climate, you may benefit from our free-cooling chiller plant. Stepping on our long experience in manufacturing, we have managed to create a system which has a several times greater efficiency rate compared to traditional chillers. Learn more about our FCCP system here.

Regardless of your climate zone, if you have natural gas available at or near your project which is at a better price compared to electricity, you may consider installing your own local trigeneration system, also known as combined cooling, heating and power plant (CCHP). Thus while generating and using your own electricity, you may have cooling energy almost for free. Learn more about our REC+ system here. If you don’t need so much electricity but still consider natural gas as a cheaper source for generation of cooling energy compared to electricity, than you may be interested in learning more about our HY-REC system here.