BIOMAXTM is a biomass and biogas cogeneration system suitable for farms, the agri-food industries, waste water treatment plants, and other specific environments

  • The system's fuel is biomass which can be used directly as biomass or can be transformed into biogas through anaerobic digestion 
  • It generates electricity and delivers for free hot water (90°C) and/or steam
  • It can also deliver for free chilled water (7°C) through absorption systems thus becoming a trigeneration system
  • Another valuable product from biogas plants is digestate - a high quality soil fertilizer
  • Each system has customized design and sizing which ensure its maximum efficiency
biomass schema

Benefits of BIOMAX

  • Generates several types of energy simultaneously
  • Uses completely renewable fuel (biomass and biogas)
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Primary energy savings
  • Financial savings
  • Excellent payback period
  • Full-service maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and control service
  • Warranty extension option


Version with direct burning of dry biomass to produce electricity and free heating / cooling energy


Version with anaerobic digestion of biomass into biogas, used as fuel for the cogenerator

dry biomass cogeneration
biogas cogeneration

Suitable sources of dry biomass

Dry biomass as forestry based residues (bark, wood chips, saw milling residues, public park conservation, waste wood), agricultural residues (straw, cereal husks) and industrial and urban waste (solid urban non organic waste) can become a high value primary energy source for electricity production through the fully integrated BIOMAX-ST system

Suitable sources of biomass for production of biogas

Biomass with higher liquid content suitable for fermentation and biogas production can be residuals and waste from farms (dung, manure and food waste), agri-food industries' by-products (fruit and vegetable, bagasse, meat, fish, dairy, brewery, and many others) and also from waste water treatment plants (sewage, tanneries). We can advise you on the right mix of these sources to obtain maximum quantities of biogas with our BIOMAX-BG system