Agriculture and the agri-food industries can benefit a lot from their waste material and turn it into savings rather than a cost related to disposal services.

Animal-breeding farms, dairy farms and slaughterhouses can utilize manure and waste through a biogas installation which can feed them back with electricity, heat or even cooling needed for the process. After the digestion process there is waste material, which however is rich soil fertilizer, which can be used in the associated plant-growing estate or sold to other farms. The excess electricity produced can be sold to the grid at feed-in tariffs and generate further revenues.

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Plant-growing farms and cooperatives also generate waste, such as straw, cereal husks, etc. which can become a high value primary energy source for the BIOMAX/BIOMASS VERSION.


Greenhouses which do not have a sufficient own source of organic waste material or such nearby may benefit from a combined heat and power plant fuelled by natural gas. This is still an eco-friendly alternative to heating through electricity from the grid, as natural gas has a low rate of CO2 emissions. The heating generated from the local cogeneration plant can be used to maintain the necessary temperature within the greenhouse, and the electricity which is left unused after supplying the pumps and the related equipment can be exported to the grid at a preferential price, depending on the national legislation.

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