Industrial Energy

Termogamma provides eco-friendly and top efficiency energy systems for industries and large public and residential buildings. It also takes care of the clients every step of the way, from energy consumption analysis and consultancy on the optimum solution, through dimensioning, design and construction of a customized energy system, to its testing, installation, and maintenance. The systems of Termogamma may vary as size and power in dependence on the clients needs of cooling, heating, electricity  and steam consumption. The energy can be provided by means of containerized cogenerators and trigenerators  or prefabricated thermal plants consisting of boilers, chillers etc.


hybrid energy systems

Gamma Service provides Installation and Maintenance Services for Heating Ventilation and Air Condition systems. Gamma Service is able to plan and react preventively and on time for any problems of a technical nature in an effective, efficient manner, with controlled expense and satisfactory pre-defined standards in order to maintain and ensure the safety of all stakeholders. Proper operation of  HVAC  systems is crucial for industrial processes and the comfort of the inhabitants of civil buildings such as hospitals, malls, hotels etc.


BioPowerPlant is a company focused on consultancy and services related to Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving. Energy Saving represents a real opportunity to obtain a competitive long term advantage. BioPowerPlant offers consultancy and engineering services able to discover and realized these opportunities.


Sguotti has been specialising in the production of brass fittings for more than 30 years. Over the decades, Sguotti has continued to improve and expand through the use of innovative high-tech machinery and very specialized workforce. A unique and constant point of reference in every product is Quality and Made in Italy. Sguotti is manufacturing various types of fittings such as elbows, female seat, nuts, plug male, adapter male, etc.